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Hello – I’m Cat Larkin your Simple Tech Coach

I’m a Personal Technology Coach

I’m a patient, gentle coach who can help you, or a friend or family member, learn to use your technology more easily in ways that will make your life simpler –

No question is too basic about your technology…

  • computer (email, new software/Windows 7/8/10, Microsoft Office, surfing the web & bookmarks
  • WiFi – using a WiFi signal from your home internet to allow your smart phone, laptop, printer, tablet (Android or iPad) connect to the internet without wires.
  • Smart phone,
  • Smart TV
  • Tablet (Android/iPad),
  • Digital camera,
  • I can also set up free programs like Skype to help you see and talk with friends/family who live far away,
  • Why and how to use social media more easily & safely etc.

I’m a geek who speaks plain English; I can translate geek speak into ideas that you “get” and use, and encourage note taking and practice while I’m there if you want. I don’t get frustrated easily.

If, instead, you are the type who “just wants it to work.” I can usually just make it work, without all the note taking and “splaining.”

I am based in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia suburbs, but have clients in the DE/PA/NJ region or anywhere via the internet.

There are many things I can do via computer with programs like Skype or (don’t worry I can help you set them up). Some of my clients are all the way across the country in California.

I am primarily doing this work late afternoons, evenings and weekends, but I can be flexible. If you live in the area, but  are further away, and you can find a friend near you who also needs help, I can book two sessions in one evening – that helps make it easier on me.

You can also purchase a coupon and hire a session for a holiday or birthday present, to be redeemed in a certain time frame.

I can also present a session or speak to a group, association or other meeting.

What tech tasks have I helped people do?

  • I have helped people learn to use the GPS/Mapping/Directions app on their smart phone. And one client said this stuff is so helpful – it helped him to get to a job interview that he would have missed without it. My client was running late and in an unfamiliar area – but the mapping app got him there on time, and he got the job!
  • A friend of my pottery teacher’s mom  hired me for two hours once a week for several weeks to help learn her new laptop & smart phone
  • I’ve helped several people’s printers, tablets & computers talk to each other and work properly
  • I fixed an annoying glitch with a Smart TV after two geek-type techs from a big company could not help her, and taught another customer how to use the cool apps on the smart TV their son set up, but never really showed him how to use (and showed him how the DVD player worked in the new set up.

Other things I can help you figure out, or fix for you

  • Learn an Android, Apple iPhone, or Windows smart phone
  • Research and find the right new smart (or dumb) phone for you the 1st time you get a cell/smart phone (or any time), or help you with changing phones or plans within a cell carrier, or finding a new cell phone carrier/plan
  • Research and buy whatever piece of technology you need – to get the right one within the right budget
  • Update software on your computer
  • Set up a back up program for your computer
  • set up a better antivirus program and show you how to work it
  • Using software better and easier, or becoming more comfortable with how it all works
  • Deleting useless apps & setting up/using useful apps on a smart phone or tablet
  • How to text – send, reply, use faces/emoticons or send a photo via text or email (or share it on Facebook) on a cell phone
  • Email, attaching a photo or document, creating groups
  • Using the phone camera, taking a selfie, sending a pic to facebook, text message or email

And more